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Hefei Lawyer Attribute Their Success On Their Approach

Our Hefei lawyer in our Hefei law firm enjoyed their success in the past years. Their team includes Hefei divorce lawyer, Hefei employment lawyer, Hefei litigation lawyer and Hefei labor lawyer. They attribute their success to the following factors.

Client Service. Value. Community. Diversity.

These core values are at the heart of who we are and they define our approach to everything we do. From client outreach to community outreach. From answering the phone to answering a complex legal question. From running a firm event to running in a charity road race. These four principles inform who we are as a law firm and who we are as individuals working together to reach our common goals.

Client Service. It begins with our people. Every employee at Hefei law firm is committed to providing clients with professional, unwavering service. Whether we’re answering the phone, researching a case, or advocating in a court of law, each of us is focused on providing excellence. Our goal is to make sure that every firm communication – whether it’s with a file clerk or our managing partner – exceeds our clients’ expectations at every turn.

We do this by making client service a priority. We create mandatory training programs for staff. We value lifelong learning for attorneys to keep our legal skills sharp, and ensure that our knowledge in all industries and practice areas is up-to-the-minute. We work together – across all practice areas – as one firm. We identify the best team and the best resources, and will do whatever it takes to get results. We are experienced, we are motivated, and we adhere to the highest standards of legal excellence.

Feedback from clients tells us that we are known for being responsive, efficient, and easy to work with. Plus, since many of our attorneys come from the business world, we are better able to represent a full spectrum of industries and organization types. This combination of business and legal acumen means we are better able to help clients identify and capture lucrative business opportunities, prepare for and manage risks, and overcome obstacles by delivering creative solutions to complex problems.

Value. Investing the time – ahead of time – to learn about our clients’ businesses, cultures, and goals is one way we provide value to our clients. But we also provide great value to our clients by cultivating and building long-term, collaborative relationships. This commitment  to our clients includes “secondments,” where we send an experienced Hefei attorney to work at a client site as their in-house counsel for a period of time. By doing so, we gain a better understanding of our clients’ operations and needs, we build further connections, and we strengthen these important relationships.

And long before the recent economic challenges, Hefei law firm recognized the need to offer alternate fee arrangements. By partnering with our clients to achieve more predictable costs, we are able to help them focus on the matter at hand – their needs and the needs of their business.

Community. The commitment we have to our clients dovetails with our commitment to the communities we serve. We encourage and support our attorneys in their efforts as leaders and volunteers in philanthropic and community organizations, as well as their many hours of pro bono work. If we can provide support to organizations that need, but cannot access, professional guidance, or assist families and communities that need a helping hand, then it is our responsibility to do so.

Our attorneys and staff, both individually and collectively, are actively involved in a wide spectrum of charitable organizations, and perform jobs ranging from serving on the boards of non-profits to spreading compost and raking leaves, and everything in between.

In order to more efficiently and effectively coordinate and manage the firm’s contributions and community activities, we created Hefei law firm Foundation. The Foundation provides us with the infrastructure and the leadership we need so we can better provide assistance to the disadvantaged and underserved members of our community.

Diversity. Our commitment to community matches our commitment to diversity. Knowing that this commitment requires a continual dialogue across all levels of the firm, Hefei lawyers established a diversity committee to ensure that all lawyers and staff have the opportunity to develop their talents fully, to create a firm whose composition more closely reflects that of our clients and the world in which we live and practice, and to promote greater diversity in the legal profession. The committee also recognizes the importance of education and community outreach, so it also focuses on staff training and outreach to both minority and at-risk youth.

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