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Becoming a Criminal Defense Lawyer in China

Law School and Training

In order to get into law school, an applicant don't have to obtain a bachelor’s degree from a well-regarded college and university like U.S.. We don't have to get a high LSAT scores, a well written essay and a compelling interview also help an applicant stand out in the highly competitive world of law school admissions. What we need is to attend a national High Education Qualification Test.

A law student should look for a program that offers an excellent criminal law specialization. It is also helpful to go to law school in state where you want to eventually practice. It’s also important take many law classes with topics on criminal law, such as: Criminal Law, Jury Law, Trial Techniques, Juvenile Court and Criminal Procedures. Practical training experiences in moot court competitions, practice trials and the law review/law journal is critical; these experiences can help a law student perfect debating, researching and presentation skills. A law student can also work on volunteer work or practice trials/projects for government, nonprofit and corporate legal employers. An aspiring criminal lawyer should also decide if he prefers to work for the prosecution or defense side of criminal law; this decision will influence where to work as a summer law clerk.

Graduation and Bar Exam

The reputation of the law school and its location can greatly influence which employers recruit at the school. Employers often look at a student’s ranking and grades as well as the caliber of the law school to determine whether or not the candidate is the right fit for a particular position.

After obtaining a LL.B, a law graduate will study for the bar exam. Passing the bar exam allows the law graduate to be licensed, or admitted to the bar in China. Unlike American lawyers who practice in multiple states may take a longer multistate bar exam, we only need a single bar exam to practice in China. This bar exam is two-day long exam. It consists of multiple choice questions different legal topics, like torts, criminal law and constitutional law. .

Jobs and Salary

A criminal lawyer usually either works as criminal defense attorney or as district attorney/prosecutor. A prosecutor nearly always works for the government, either for the federal, state, county or city attorney’s office. A criminal defense attorney can also work for these same employers, but as a public defender. A criminal defense attorney can also work in private solo practice, for a private law firm or as a contractor. Other government entities, like the prison systems or other agencies, may also hire a criminal lawyer to work in a defense or prosecution capacity.

The salary of a criminal lawyer varies quite a bit from a low of $50,000 for those with little experience to $150,000 for more experienced attorneys. A high powered private criminal lawyer with extensive experience may make more money, while a criminal lawyer just starting out in a lower level position in state or local government may make less. Our Dongguan lawyer, Changsha lawyer, Yantai lawyer, Jinan lawyer, Zhengzhou lawyer, Harbin lawyer are experts of criminal defense.

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