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Child custody law in China

China Child Custody Lawyer

This China lawyer blog shares insights on child custody matter. At this china law firm, we regularly update this blog and please come back if you are interested in our legal service or for your information.

Child Custody Attorney in China

Protecting China Families for Close to 10 Years.

Are you facing a complicated custody or visitation issue? Are you fighting with your ex regarding your child's custody? Are you worried about your child's safety, your parental rights, and your ability to see your child? Protect your rights and your children's best interests with help from a knowledgeable China divorce attorney at this china law firm.

Our team understands the law and we are here for you.

Our China lawyer Commitment to You.

There is nothing more important than a child's safety and well-being. At this China Law Firm, our clients are our top priority. We're here to provide the counsel and support you need to reach your goals. We partner with our clients, providing passionate representation for tough family law cases, including those that involve a child's legal and physical custody.


Two Foreign Nationals Marry or Divorce in China

Foreign nationals marry and divorce in China

There are more and more expats work and live in China nowadays. They fall in love or go out of love here. Neither marriage or divorce is easy. It is certain that a foreign national can marry and divorce a Chinese national in a court of law in China. As a China family lawyer, I am frequently asked whether two foreign nationals can marry or divorce in China.

According to a circular, Several Matters Regarding the Implementation of Marriage Registration Act published by the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, two foreign nationals can marry in China. Foreign national must provide following documents:

(1) his/her valid passport or other valid international travel documents, which shall show that man is at least 22 years old and woman 2o years old;

(2) certificate of his/her marriageability issued by the notary public office or competent authority of his/her country and certified by the consulate of the People’s Republic of China in his/her country, or certified by the consulate of his/her country in China, or certificate of his/her marriageability issued by the consulate of his/her country in China;

(3) certificate certifying that the law of the country where the foreign nationals come from recognizes marriage registered overseas;


A fews thoughts about attorney fee in divorce case

I gave up on any sort of discounted or sliding fee practice. That may be because a large part of what I do is family law, and one of the few ways to rein people in from being completely and utterly off the deep end unreasonable is how much it costs.

Had a client once who really needed help. Previous domestic violence in the marriage (criminal documentation, which is rare compared to the frequency I see) and was continually harassed by an ex who drove as far as 800 miles to demand he stay at her new home. Constantly lived under the threat of agreeing to demands about the children "or else." Such threats including very graphic descriptions of death and dismemberment.


Skill Sets Required to Become a China Family Lawyer

Under Chinese law, China family lawyers deal with legal matters concerning marriage, separation, divorce, cohabitation and everything relating to children, like access arrangements and maintenance. It also involves financial negotiations, prenuptial contracts and inheritance problems. Some cases deal with substantial assets and complicated financial issues, or high profile cases with famous people.

Developments in family law are driven by developments in society, and though the job of a family law lawyer requires a sharp legal mind it also needs social skills like tact and empathy. Family law could be described as a fusion between law and sociology.Because of the sensitive nature of the client contact, trainee lawyers aren’t often given a high level of responsibility in comparison with other legal areas, though this changes as the lawyer becomes more experienced and her skills increase.


Factors to consider when finding a good China divorce lawyer

Anything you do, never visit the Phone Book to choose a potential divorce attorney in China. China lawyers should be selected cautiously. Money dished out for costs for that divorce attorney is definitely an investment later on of the precious children. So, always search the skills and complaint good reputation for potential lawyers carefully.

You will find several readily available places to search for the backdrop of potential lawyers for any divorce. There’s legislation dictionary known as “Martindale-Hubbell” that lists some personal background and physical location of lawyers. This doesn’t however, mean they list complaints. Any lawyer ought to be listed people from the Aba. The Aba may have similarly info.

Lawyers will go with an initial consultation with the parties in case of divorce, but cannot legally represent another party if counsel spoken with any litigant inside your suit. So, make it happen first for that initial consultation especially if a nearby family lawyer is really a known “Shark.” Contact that lawyer immediately!

The best choice for the “shark” of is really a lawyer which has experience coping with installments of divorce. In by doing this, you’ll always have more thorough explanations more options compared to a youthful, unskilled lawyer. Your lawyer is a good listener and will also be a professional lawyer and negotiator that’s proven by experience. They’ll demonstrate the tactical knowledge evidenced through the years. This individual will even exhibit empathy rather than devalue you by acting superior by any means.

Make use of a relationally together with your lawyer and become a customer that keeps charge of your situation. Simultaneously, your lawyer should be one that demonstrates persistence if you don’t know much about divorce law. Sometimes, an attorney might not be appreciated due to a few of the tactics used with regard to the customer. That’s perfectly okay. Counsel will gladly explain why several things must only be achieved if this benefits the household in the long run.

The very best lawyer is a highly experienced divorce attorney in divorce law, but additionally comprehend the tax law, property values and real estate law. Your lawyer should have the ability to determine supporting your children budgets, be knowledgeable about retirement law, and have a friend in forensic accounting.

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