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How to draw up a divorce agreement in a uncontested divorce

Uncontested Divorce

With a divorce rate that’s rising higher every year, unhappily married people are interested in a quick way to dissolve their unions. An uncontested divorce is their best solution.

An uncontested divorce is an inexpensive and simple divorce. With this type of divorce, parting couples who aren’t fighting against divorcing can dissolve their failed marriage privately. However, some details of your agreement will be available as information on public records.


With an uncontested divorce, you enter into a divorce agreement. A divorce agreement, also called a divorce settlement agreement, is a legal document that shows an agreement between the two divorcing parties.

With a do it yourself divorce, you can enter into a divorce agreement without hiring a lawyer. Think about this: there’s no need for an attorney to fight on your behalf if you’re both civil towards each other. Therefore, you can spare yourself the high expense of hiring an attorney by settling matters as an agreeable couple in a divorce agreement. Also, you avoid going to court continuously.

A divorce agreement is especially best if you have no children and you haven’t been married for a long time. This is because there’s no child support or assets to discuss.

So forgo the agony of a messy divorce in favor of an amicable uncontested divorce. In the end, this will result you in not hating your ex-spouse.

Here's How:
  1. Divorce Settlement and Retirement Plans:

    Due to the phased increase in normal Social Security, you may not be aware that you won’t be eligible for full benefits at age 64. You may actually be 67 before you receive your full Social Security benefits so, if it is going to be a major source of your income this needs to be taken into consideration when negotiating a divorce settlement.

  2. Divorce Settlement and Health Insurance:

    If you have children and access to health insurance courts will require you to carry coverage for your children. If neither party has health insurance the parent who is awarded custody should ask that the expense of insurance be factored into the amount of child support paid.

    Also, under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation (COBRA) if your spouse’s employee has 20 or more employees they must allow the other spouse to have a policy with its health insurer for three years post divorce.

  3. Divorce Settlement and College Tuition:

    If you have children most of their college expenses can be met by low – interest loans, financial aid and part time student jobs. There will, however still be out of pocket expenses that need to be paid. It is in your best interest and your child’s best interest if these expenses are negotiated at the time of the initial settlement agreement. You may think your child is too young to be concerned about college expenses but taking care of this issue to begin with will keep you from having to go back to court when the time comes for college.

  4. Divorce Settlement and The Marital Home:

    Maintaining the lifestyle your child have become accustomed to is important. It’s one of the main considerations when trying to keep the marital home if you are the custodial parent. Not to mention that it can be a very valuable asset. It isn’t a liquid asset though and one should consider the expense of keeping the marital home. Make sure you consider these expenses and whether or not you will be able to meet them before you take on the responsibility. You may be better off selling the home and walking away with a liquid asset that can be invested in a more affordable home.

  5. Divorce Settlement and Cost of Living Expenses:

    If you are the custodial parent, you will want taken into consideration the expenses of meeting your child’s daily needs. There are extracurricular activities at school that become quite intense. If your child is in daycare, that expense should be considered. There is the cost of gas for transporting children to different activities. Some state courts allow these expenses to be negotiated into the amount of child support paid. When negotiating your divorce settlement think carefully about the effect such expenses will have on the lifestyle of you and your children.

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