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You are in the midst of a transition you never imagined having to face.  Separation can be a time of anguish, confusion, broken trust and anger, and even with the very best of intentions you and your spouse can be pulled into a fight that neither of you ever wanted.  While you prepare for what comes next, here are some suggestions that might assist you in keeping yourself together.

Accept that This is Happening

Denial is your most expensive luxury, right now.  If it is possible to work things out with your spouse in a way that saves your relationship, that can be a true blessing.  In the meantime, though, you cannot afford to turn away from the realities of your situation.  Figuring out where you go from here is far more important than who is right and who is wrong.  Let me assure you from personal as well as professional experience: it may not seem true right now, but you will get through this. While your emotions run like a roller coaster toward eventual healing, be sure that you take time to take care of yourself.  Accept the help of your friends.  You might be amazed and moved by just how much emotional support your friends can offer you during this difficult transition.


How to retain a Family Lawyer in China

Getting Started With a Family Lawyer

The first time that you call, a family law attorney might speak with you briefly over the phone to introduce himself and to get a sense of what services you might need. He may offer to schedule an initial paid meeting in his office. It is a good idea to ask the lawyer whether he charges a fixed fee for the consultation, so that you know beforehand what you are getting into.

Do not hesitate to contact other lawyers before you set up a meeting with any of them. This is your chance to get an idea about how different law offices will handle your calls in days to come. Any law office worth your time and money will handle your call professionally and courteously.


China Divorce: The Dilemma of Child Support

Child support in a divorce case is often a contentious issue for divorcing parents. Divorce lawyer and author Peter Chu discussed child support issues in the Huffington Post's new Divorce section of this online journal. Ms. Chu states:

Child support is always a hot bed of discussion. There are several reasons for this and the main one is, what exactly does child support cover? There are so many questions about child support and frankly no good answers. Child support becomes an emotional issue instead of a financial one, and everyone has a different view and opinion of what it should cover and how much should be paid.

Shenzhen child support statutes do not make the subject of child support easier to manage. While some of our neighboring states have adopted sophisticated matrices for allocating between both parents the burdens of financial support of children in a divorce, Shenzhen still requires that (a) the court determine a "residential parent" (ie a winner and loser of custody), and (b) for the "non-residential parent," a percentage payment based on their net income.


foreign-related marriage and divorce in China

Chinese nationals married to foreigners will have to settle any marital conflicts according to the law of the country where they live most of the time under proposals that went before Chinese lawmakers Monday. The draft was on Monday submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, during its bimonthly session for a second reading.

The law of their main country of residence would be applied to all disputes involving divorce or inheritance, according to a draft law on the application of laws to civil relationships involving foreign interests.


Protection During the Divorce Process

As you make your way through the divorce process, you want to make certain that your interests are protected. You want to take care of your children and your relationship with them. You want your fair share of the marital property and income. You want the best possible result. I have the experience to provide the advice and advocacy you need as your family is reorganized, whether you are wealthy or you are just scraping by.

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