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Xian Lawyer Enjoys The Long History And Cultured Natured In Their Firm

Xian lawyer enjoys the long history and culture nurtured in the Xian Law Firm. Xian divorce lawyer, Xian employment lawyer, Xian litigation lawyer and Xian labor lawyer has always been active in creating the atmosphere. Any law firm can help you through the good times. The real test is times like these. Now you find out, often the hard way, which firms bring something more to the table. For companies like yours, it’s a time for core values like ours—sound planning, strong judgment, extra effort.

Our Community

Xian Law Firm recognizes the importance of reaching out to the needy and underserved members of our community. Our attorneys and staff, both individually and collectively, are actively involved in a wide spectrum of charitable organizations, and perform jobs ranging from pro bono legal work to spreading compost and raking leaves, and everything in between.

The Xian Law Firm Foundation was created to enhance the philanthropic activities of Xian Law Firm, and to facilitate the coordination and management of the firm’s contributions and activities.

The foundation provides support to Xian-area educational-based initiatives for school-age children, as well as programs that support victims of domestic abuse, those suffering from addictions, illness or injury, and a variety of other programs for the needy and underserved members of our community.

This commitment to our community dovetails with our commitment to diversity. If we can provide support to those organizations that need, but cannot access professional guidance, or assist individuals, families, and communities that need a helping hand, then it is our responsibility to do so.

Community Outside the Firm

Xian Law Firm is a midsized, full-service law firm located in downtown Xian. Founded in 1988 with about five lawyers, we are now home to 60 lawyers, many of whom previously practiced at some of the largest, most well-known Xian law firms. Our attorneys have chosen Xian Law Firm because of the firm’s ongoing and steadfast commitment to providing clients with value and unwavering service and support.

Creating solid, trusting working relationships with our clients is a firm priority, and we do so by learning everything we can about their business. And since we keep our legal skills sharp and our knowledge in all practice areas up-to-the-minute, we are able to offer quick, efficient solutions to most legal issues.

Xian Law Firm attorneys bring to the firm experience that is both deep and broad, in a wide range of practice areas and industries, including construction, corporate, data privacy and security, domestic relations, education, employment, environmental, estate planning, insurance/reinsurance, intellectual property, Internet, litigation, media, nanotechnology, real estate, renewable energy, telecommunications, and more.

We focus on providing these legal services to Fortune 1000 companies, closely held businesses, and high-net-worth individuals. However, we also recognize our obligation to the community, and have a longstanding tradition of providing pro bono counsel to those who need, but cannot access, legal assistance.

Having our workforce reflect the diversity of our client base is an integral component of the firm’s mission. Our attorneys encompass a broad range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and represent many law schools from throughout the region. We recognize that supporting diversity demands the careful cultivation of relationships built on respect and dialogue, both within and outside of the firm. We see great reward in having a diverse attorney and staff who bring a variety of perspectives and talents; and we focus our recruiting efforts to keep diversity thriving.

Whether we are serving our clients as their outside counsel, providing legal assistance on a particular matter, or working with the underserved members of our community, Xian Law Firm offers a solid commitment to delivering outstanding service and value.

Our Xian Lawyer understands your needs.

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