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China Law Firm's Principles

This china law firm is committed to offering quality legal services economically. Our China lawyer understand that obtaining superior results and controlling the cost of legal services are often competing priorities for our clients. As a result, we have devoted time and thought to structuring our firm and educating our attorneys so that we achieve our goal of providing the highest quality legal services at the most reasonable cost to the client.

We consider attorney experience, so that our partner-to-associate ratio utilizes proper balance for the most efficient allocation of talent on each file. The partner in charge always remains responsible for all work performed. We also use non-legal personnel to handle tasks that do not require specialized legal knowledge.

We provide our clients with a preliminary analysis at the earliest possible stage to allow informed decisions regarding litigation or possible settlement, and advocate total client involvement at every step in the litigation process.

We follow advances in technology and make efficient use of state-of-the-art computer systems, internet communications, litigation support databases, digital invoicing and on-line research services. This investment in technology allows This china law firm to handle the most complex matters economically, and to keep the lines of communication with clients open.

We prepare to win from the start of each new client matter through careful attention to detail, thorough preparation and aggressive case handling. We evaluate opportunities for settlement early and often, while taking steps to insure each case will be ready for trial, if necessary.

We often recommend Alternative Dispute Resolution, including private and court-sponsored arbitration, mediation and neutral case evaluation as cost-effective means of achieving client goals.

We believe in promoting professionalism and civility in all aspects of our legal representation.


China Employment Contract, China labor Agreement Sample

This following China employment agreement is drafted by our China employment lawyer. China labor law has its special characteristics. You are welcome to contact our China labor lawyer for more information about China labor law (we also called it China employment law).


This Agreement made and entered into this __(1)__ day of _________(2)_________, 19__(3)_, by and between ______(4)_______, of ________(5)__________, hereinafter referred to as "employer", and ______(6)___________, of _________(7)____________, hereinafter referred to as "employee". 

The parties recite that: 

A.   Employer is engaged in _________(8)___________ and maintains business premises at _________(9)_____________. 

B.   Employee is willing to be employed by employer, and employer is willing to employ employee, on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth. 

For the reasons set forth above, and in consideration of the mutual covenants and promises of the parties hereto, employer and employee covenant and agree as follows:


Employer hereby employs employee as _______(10)________ at the above-mentioned premises, and employee hereby accepts and agrees to such employment. 



Ningbo Lawyer's Technology And Knowledge Management

At this Ningbo law firm, our Ningbo lawyer, especially Ningbo divorce lawyer, Ningbo employment lawyer, Ningbo litigation lawyer, Ningbo labor lawyer and Ningbo criminal defense lawyer recognize the relationship between technology and productivity, so we are constantly striving to learn new ways of serving our clients more efficiently.

We also understand that being facile with different kinds of technologies is important, and that is why we have teamed up with a variety of technology vendors recommended by clients on a “case by case” basis. We know that kind of flexibility is important to clients, and we know we can learn from working with different technology products.

Among the many ways in which we use technology to produce results and to produce them more efficiently, are the following:

1.Knowledge Management. We maintain electronic archives of legal materials and histories of matters previously handled so that our attorneys can quickly access information from the repositories of knowledge, both human and documentary, residing within our own walls. This allows our lawyers to produce pleadings, agreements, legal research and other necessities of trial practice more efficiently.

2.Legal Research. Our attorneys are well-versed in the use of automated research, and we subscribe to a number of electronic services that allow for rapid retrieval of case precedents, statutes and regulations that can have a critical effect on a client’s case. We also utilize the electronic systems of the state and federal court to check on filings made in our own cases or in other controversies of possible relevance.


Xian Lawyer Enjoys The Long History And Cultured Natured In Their Firm

Xian lawyer enjoys the long history and culture nurtured in the Xian Law Firm. Xian divorce lawyer, Xian employment lawyer, Xian litigation lawyer and Xian labor lawyer has always been active in creating the atmosphere. Any law firm can help you through the good times. The real test is times like these. Now you find out, often the hard way, which firms bring something more to the table. For companies like yours, it’s a time for core values like ours—sound planning, strong judgment, extra effort.

Our Community

Xian Law Firm recognizes the importance of reaching out to the needy and underserved members of our community. Our attorneys and staff, both individually and collectively, are actively involved in a wide spectrum of charitable organizations, and perform jobs ranging from pro bono legal work to spreading compost and raking leaves, and everything in between.

The Xian Law Firm Foundation was created to enhance the philanthropic activities of Xian Law Firm, and to facilitate the coordination and management of the firm’s contributions and activities.


Shanghai Lawyer Enjoys Employee Friendly Workplace

Our Shanghai lawyer's office engaged in a cultural survey, reaching the conclusion that our Shanghai law firm has been an employee friendly workplace. See our Shanghai employment lawyer, Shanghai litigation lawyer and Shanghai divorce lawyer's testimonies.

Our Shanghai law firm's Core Values

Not long ago, a survey of our partners and associates reaffirmed the core values under which we practice. Among these values, the three most important are: sufficient time for family, mutual respect and trust for one other at work, and maintaining a collegial environment within the firm.

Other essential ingredients to cultivating the legal practice we love include: maintaining a mix of challenging work from clients we enjoy, delivering excellence in our work product, zealously pursuing the best interest of our clients, and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Why Our Shanghai lawyer Are Different

Our values drive firm decisions. We choose work that is varied, interesting, cutting-edge, and important to our clients’ business. Firm strategic decisions, as well as day-to-day practice choices, are governed by our core values.

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