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Guangzhou Lawyer's Value, Clients and Philosophy

Guangzhou lawyer is always leading the trend of Chinese lawyers in the past. Nowadays, Guangzhou lawyer still play an import role in China legal market. Our employment lawyer, intellectual property lawyer, litigation lawyer and divorce lawyer still enjoys their leadership in Southeast China.

Value Proposition

1.Results: We have a proven track record of producing the best possible outcomes for clients both in the courtroom and outside of the courtroom.

2.Reputation: We have a reputation for credibility and legal acumen among judges, prosecutors, and clients that reflects well upon referral sources. Our names have appeared as counsel of record in many of the landmark cases of the last 15 years in Guangzhou.

3.Partnership: We have a record of partnering effectively with international, national and regional firms when necessary on large and complex matters.

4.Relationships: our Guangzhou lawyer, many of whom are former judges and prosecutors, are well-known and well-regarded by government lawyers, agencies, judges and other people involved in the administration of justice. Many of the firm’s lawyers have worked on projects to improve the administration of justice or the quality of the bench and bar.

5.Singular Focus: We chose not to be a “full-service” firm because we have a particular passion for representing clients who need advocates to prosecute their rights, or to defend their freedoms or their business enterprises. As advocates, we rally around our clients and fellow lawyers. When one of us goes to trial for a client, we feel that all of us are on trial, and that is the way we like it.


Qingdao Lawyer's Success in IP Law Service

Our Qingdao lawyer gained significant increase in the IP litigation service. Our Qingdao divorce lawyer, Qingdao employment lawyer, Qingdao litigation lawyer, Qingdao labor lawyer in our Qingdao law firm share the success in serving our foreign clients.

Experienced Branding Advisors

The value of a good reputation in the market starts with the selection of a strong brand. We know from experience how to guide clients toward strong brands, and we understand the business value of doing it well.

The business objectives of our clients play a large role in our advice as we seek marks that will secure exclusivity in their key markets, avoid potential infringement issues, and maximize commercial impact. For this reason, we have built internal systems and created strong offerings to be highly effective in our support of clients through such critical decisions.

Because a company’s name, trademarks, and trade dress are critical in delivering the brand promise, protection of those assets calls for rigorous analysis, strategy, and execution. Our clients value the longstanding experience we bring to their challenges. Decades of experience in counseling our clients on the strategic selection, cost-effective registration, on-going management, and enforcement of trademark, trade dress, and domain name rights has conferred wisdom to our practice.


Chongqing Lawyer's Expertise in IP Law

Our Chongqing lawyer long enjoys their success in Intellectual Property law service. We have also Chongqing divorce lawyer, Chongqing employment lawyer, Chongqing labor lawyer and Chongqing litigation lawyer in their team.

Experts on the Law and Technology

Intellectual property disputes often have complex scientific and technical questions at their core. Understanding the law, therefore, is only part of a winning formula. To make critical split-second decisions in the courtroom, or successfully impeach a well-prepared expert, litigators must have a fluency in the technology involved.

At Chongqing law firm, we don't just have the patent law expertise but also the technical and scientific skills and industry experience needed to give our clients a home field advantage in any courtroom. We’ve mastered the art of guiding a judge or jury through technical complexities to understand the core of a dispute. Our litigators are not just advocates, but also teachers: we teach the judge and jury the principles necessary to understand the case, so as to help reach a successful outcome. Our technical depth also allows us to think one step ahead of our opponents in creating aggressive trial strategies and in choosing the optimal time and venue for litigation.


China Intellectual Property Licensing

It is imperative to retain our China IP lawyer's service when you are licensing your intellectual property in china. As experienced China lawyer, we are expert in intellectual property licensing. We have Shanghai IP lawyer, Beijing IP lawyer, Guangzhou IP lawyer, Nanjing IP lawyer and Suzhou IP lawyer for your service.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents require written intellectual property licensing agreements. A licensing agreement or license is a contractual right that gives someone permission to engage in a defined activity or to use certain property, including intellectual property, that is owned by someone else. These intellectual property law regulations are essential to enforcing the owner's rights in intellectual property.

If you are a copyright, trademark, or patent owner and someone wants to use, for example, your artwork, trademarked slogan, or patented invention, you may benefit from the services of a licensing attorney. Licensing attorneys write contracts that protect your intellectual property rights. These agreements specify how someone may use your property and how much you will be paid for such use. For example, can they use it for one year or ten years? Can they use it only in Illinois or can they use it around the world? Can they share your property with others? A licensing lawyer can help you answer all of these questions. They can also specify the recourse available to you if someone violates the licensing agreement. Licensing attorneys know the words to use that will best protect your intellectual property.


China Software Licensing Lawyer

Our China software licensing lawyer knows that most people tend to “skip over” those software licensing screens in order to move quickly to the installation of a program. We also have Beijing licensing lawyer, Shanghai licensing lawyer, Tianjin licensing lawyer and Suzhou licensing lawyer for your service.

This is not a good idea, as most have restrictions on just what can be done with the software. When there are any concerns or questions about the legal use of software, a China software licensing attorney can make certain that everything is being done correctly.

For clients who are developing their own software license agreements, it is essential that a knowledgeable China software licensing lawyer assist in the process, as you want to make certain that the product is evaluated thoroughly and that all documents are properly prepared. At this China IP law firm we have extensive experience and knowledge in drafting consolidated, stand-alone and hosted agreements. Our China software licensing attorneys realize that software licensing encompasses a vast array of agreements from designer and shrink-wrap agreements to VAR (value-added reseller) and source code licensing and escrow agreements. A skilled China software licensing attorney with in-depth knowledge pertaining to software licensing is able to not only look out for intellectual property implications, but help your business identify and negotiate the conditions and terms of software licensing agreements.

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