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China's anti-trust law

The IPR article in China's Anti-Monopoly Law, effective August 1, does not challenge either the possession of an IPR or the legitimate use of an IPR. Instead, it works with the existing IPR legal framework to protect and encourage innovation.

China’s Anti-Trust Law, which was enacted on August 1, 2008, is expected to change China’s competition landscape.

For quite some time, the Chinese state dominated the economy, determining what to produce at what quantity and what to sell at what price.  Even with the reform, the state still “monopolizes” such sectors as telecommunications, utilities, and petroleum with state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the name of protecting the nation’s strategic interests.  The protectionist policy has been criticized for behaviors such as charging excessively high prices, providing low-quality services, and receiving excessive profits and eroded the competitiveness of these companies as well.

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