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The China law firm's commericial and business litigation practice

The china law firm's attorneys practicing in the Business and Commercial Litigation Department have devised and executed litigation strategies that are not only cost effective and designed to achieve a favorable result, but most importantly, are fully compatible with the business objectives of our clients. The various types of litigation handled through the department include the following diverse areas:

Antitrust and Trade Regulations: We enjoy a nationwide reputation as one of the premier firms in antitrust litigation. Among the major antitrust actions in which this firm has been involved for nearly twenty years, the firm was counsel in the defense of a major consumer electronics manufacturer in the alleged conspiracy to "dump" Japanese electronics equipment into the American market. This case was litigated in several forums and was ultimately decided in favor of our client in the landmark lawsuit. At the same time, we have also provided extensive antitrust and trade regulation counseling to clients involving their trade practices in a variety of industries in order to prevent problems from occurring. These efforts are reflective of the firm's role in many of the major antitrust cases litigated in China and in other forums during the past quarter century.

Class Action Defense: We have defended various class actions including antitrust and securities class actions, nationwide class actions for false advertising and other consumer fraud claims, product related claims including medical devices, consumer electronics, printers, lead in cosmetics, distribution of counterfeit pharmaceutical products, vehicle service contracts, rent-to-own contracts, and class actions brought under various laws, antitrust class actions, and securities class actions.

Construction: The Construction Litigation Team has widespread experience in all aspects of litigation that arise out of the construction process, including scope of work issues, change orders, negligent design claims, defective workmanship claims, contract balance claims, acceleration claims and delay claims. The firm has represented owners/developers, design professionals, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers, and provides advice, guidance and litigation support with respect to numerous issues arising before, during and after the Construction Project. Our attorneys have extensive experience with China's Construction Lien Law, mechanics lien issues and issues concerning trial and appeal contracts.

Employment and Labor Relations: Our labor and employment litigation section has considerably increased in importance in the past decade as more employers have been sued for employment discrimination and wrongful termination based on age, sex, religion, and race. We are presently handling the largest age discrimination case in the country, which is pending in the national court in China. Moreover, we have provided counseling on loss prevention techniques for this troublesome area as well. In a related area, we have had an active litigation practice in contract employment cases for a substantial period of time. Traditional labor matters such as collective bargaining agreements, National Labor Relations Board matters and related issues have all been dealt with extensively by the firm.

Environmental: The firm has extensive experience in the defense of potentially responsible parties involving theories of liability for property damage and bodily injury due to environmental contamination; administrative agency litigation; and environmental insurance coverage actions for both Superfund and private party matters.

Insurance: The firm Insurance Practice Team provides counseling and representation to insurance companies, insurance producers and policyholders in a wide variety of insurance disputes and other insurance-related matters. The team attorneys have a great depth of experience in a broad range of matters, including first- and third-party coverage analyses; first- and third-party coverage litigation; bad faith and other forms of extracontractual liability; large loss subrogation and deductible recovery claims; reinsurance; insurance agent and broker liability; director and officer liability claims; errors and omissions liability claims; insurance regulation; and insurance insolvency. The team has litigated major insurance coverage matters in trial and national courts across the country, as well as in international arbitration proceedings. In addition, the team's attorneys are actively involved in alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration) in a wide variety of coverage disputes and are often engaged to provide advice to clients in non-litigation insurance-related matters.

Intellectual Property: In the intellectual property area, we represent clients as plaintiffs and defendants in trademark, patent, trade secret, and copyright cases. We provide assistance and counseling to clients seeking to obtain national and China trademark registration and protection on a national and international basis.

Products Liability: this firm has represented defendants (directly) in a variety of products liability matters for over 20 years. During that time, the firm has had extensive litigation experience in the handling of design and manufacturing defect cases. The nature of the products whose manufacturers we have defended is varied and includes automobiles, communications equipment, power tools, truck and heavy industrial conveyors, boats, elevators, hydraulic equipment, cranes, industrial presses, copying equipment, and numerous other products. In addition, we have been engaged to defend international pharmaceutical manufacturers in drug products liability cases.

Regulatory and Administrative: Our firm also litigates commerce matters on behalf of carriers as well as real estate, zoning, and a wide variety of commercial matters for those carriers. In addition, we have appeared before China Industrial Control Commission in behalf of individual and corporate clients concerning business ownership. Further, we have also handled a variety of licensing applications before the Control Commission for vendors, employers, and other third parties. Finally, our regulatory practice necessarily includes Environmental and Trade Commission representation.

Securities: The merger and acquisition phenomenon has generated a variety of litigation where we have been called upon to represent clients in lawsuits concerning tender offers, adequacy of disclosure statements, and brokerage firm regulatory compliance. We have long acted as trustee and counsel in the liquidation of several major brokerage houses under the Securities Investor Protection Act. We have handled proxy battles and individual and class action suits alleging securities law violations.

White Collar Criminal Defense: The firm represents corporations and individuals in a wide variety of criminal cases, including white collar fraud in the areas of business, securities, bank, insurance, and fraud with respect to government contracts. Additionally, the firm handles criminal matters related to antitrust and price fixing, regulatory offenses, and perjury and obstruction of justice. We regularly represent professionals, including doctors and accountants, before professional licensing boards as well as in the Courts. Representation of clients also extends to post-trial sentencing, appellate review proceedings, and development of compliance programs for corporate clients.

In addition to litigation, the firm engages in Alternate Dispute Resolution, which includes the representation of parties, acting as arbitrator or mediator in the resolution of various types of business conflicts in the China and internationally, and the drafting of related documents. Contact our China business litigation lawyer, China commercial litigation lawyer, Beijing litigation lawyer, Shenzhen litigation lawyer, Shanghai litigation lawyer, Guangzhou litigation lawyer for more information.


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