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Beijing Lawyer's Expertise in Employment & Labor, Divorce and Litigation

Our Beijing Lawyer in this Beijing law firm enjoys 15 years of expertise in serving foreign companies and foreign nationals working or doing business in China. We have Beijing employment lawyer, Beijing labor lawyer, Beijing divorce lawyer and Beijing litigation lawyer. Below is a brief introduction of the area we serve our clients.

Labor and Employment Law

Our Beijing labor lawyer and Beijing employment lawyer:

  • Advise and represent private and public employers in all aspects of the employment relationship.
  • Represent employers before Beijing  and federal trial and appellate courts and before administrative agencies.
  • Handle a wide variety of litigation, including alleged wrongful termination in violation of public policy, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wage claims, employee benefit litigation, unfair labor practice proceedings, litigation over plant closings, occupational safety and health matters and matters involving high-tech companies and employee misappropriation of trade secrets and unfair competition.
  • Advise clients concerning all aspects of employment law, including compliance with state and federal labor laws, personnel policies, wage and hour regulation, prevailing wage legislation, substance abuse in the workplace, minority business enterprise certification and employee discharge and discipline.
  • Represent management in negotiating and drafting collective bargaining agreements, representation elections, unfair labor practice charges, grievance arbitrations, wage and hour matters and other problems involving administration of the work force.
  • Civil rights charges and litigation
  • Management-union relations
  • Affirmative action
  • Corporate transactions, restructuring and downsizing
  • Employment benefits litigation
  • Employment contracts
  • Foreign employment laws
  • Foreign investor compliance with China law
  • Miscellaneous labor and employment laws
  • Public sector employment issues
  • Safety and health
  • Wage-hour and other labor standards
  • Whistleblower charges and litigation
  • Wrongful discharge and employment tort litigation

Beijing litigation lawyer

Consistent with the quality of Beijing law firm's litigation practice in other regions of the China, the litigation department in the Beijing office is noted for its depth and effectiveness. Our Beijing litigators are trial lawyers who possess the experience and skills to handle virtually any type of disputed matter that may arise in the business, commercial, employment, investment, or real estate domain. Beijing Law Firm's litigation lawyers have developed specialized proficiency in such areas as:

  • Antitrust and Trade Regulation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Intellectual Property and the protection of proprietary rights
  • Employment litigation, including claims for wrongful termination, sex, age and race discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • Product Liability
  • Lender liability and other financial institution litigation
  • Securities litigation
  • Insurance Coverage and "Bad Faith" claims
  • Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights
  • Claims against professional service firms, including accountants
  • The approach to litigation employed by the Beijing office includes five major concepts: (1) efficient use of resources; (2) careful and thoughtful legal analysis; (3) candor with our clients; (4) aggressiveness as warranted by the circumstances surrounding the dispute; and (5)constant consideration of the client's ultimate objective. Few cases are alike; therefore, our litigators have learned to be flexible and innovative in the quest to obtain the best result for our clients.

The Beijing litigation practice is a strong proponent of and active participant in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings. We believe that ADR can be employed for many of our clients in order to achieve beneficial results while minimizing costs of litigation.

The breadth of the litigation practice in Beijing has expanded with the globalization of the world's economy. Our clients are from North America, Central America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia who invested in Beijing.

Beijing divorce lawyer

Our Beijing lawyer is committed to resolving divorce cases by settlement. When that cannot be achieved, we provide strong and effective representation at trial. We are one of the most respected family law firms in Beijing . We limit our practice to divorce cases in Beijing  or Ventura counties, and premarital agreements or postmarital agreements under Beijing  law. We are experts in the law, know how to handle a case efficiently, and care about our clients.

Our Clients. Our typical client is a business owner, executive, professional, athlete, or trust fund beneficiary going through a divorce in Beijing  or Ventura county. We also specialize in preparing premarital or prenuptial agreements, postmarital agreements, and cohabitation agreements for clients who want protection from Beijing community property and spousal support laws.

Services. Family law is large practice area, which includes many sub-specialities. We are experts in the following areas:
• Valuation of a business for purposes of a Beijing  divorce.
• Apportioning community versus separate property interests in a business owned before marriage based on efforts by the business owner during marriage in a Beijing divorce action.
• Determining income or cash flow available for purposes of spousal support or child support under China law.
• Characterizing assets or debts as community or separate property, including real estate, royalties, intellectual property, investments, and life insurance for purposes of divorce.
• Disputes concerning interspousal property transactions under China law.
• Negotiating and preparing Beijing  prenuptial or premarital agreements, postmarital agreements, and cohabitation agreements by our Beijing  divorce attorney.
• Litigation concerning the meaning or enforceability of a Beijing prenuptial or premarital agreement, postmarital agreement, and cohabitation agreement.
• The fiduciary duty between spouses under Beijing  law during marriage and after separation.
• The tax consequences of a divorce settlement, property agreement, or support agreement under China tax laws.
• Interstate child support actions involving professional athletes and entertainers are handled by our Beijing divorce lawyer.
• International child custody matters for the return of a child to either China or another country based on an alleged parental abduction.
• Trial consultation to other divorce lawyers when difficult questions of Beijing family law arise.
• Expert witnesses as to the standard of care for Beijing family lawyer.

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