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China Judge - Never Used To Be Lawyers

An interesting phenomenon in China: Judge never comes from lawyers and many times judge resigns to become a lawyer.

China lawyer earning more money than China judges is an undisputable facts. Judges get salary as a civil servant. A judge serving in a Shanghai or Beijing court can earn around RMB120,000(US$20,000), some judge in inner part of China can earning much less, whereas a lawyer in these cities could earn RMB300,000(US$50,000) is an average standard.

Very Few China lawyers can become judges, no matter how many years they practice law. You have to attend an admission test, an interview and political scrutiny before you are eligible for a judge. Most candidates fail in the first stage. Very few survive the second stage. I cannot disclose the reason here.

Some judge cannot stand the situation that lawyer earns more than judges. They resign and become lawyers. According to the law, judges cannot represent cases in the court where they used to serve in two years. The limitation is useless and very easy to circumvent. Generally, lawyers used to be judges earn more than normal lawyers, since they have more resources and connections.

Well, this is only part of Chinese legal career and legal market. There are many other rules and phenomenon that are different from the United States or EU.

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