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China Law and Its Development

Lawbusters key word strategy, law blog alliance, and Antitrust law

When you search a key work like "Guangzhou lawyer" in google, the first result is When you click, you will find that page is almost nothing to do with "Guangzhou lawyer", except few words like "Browse for Guangzhou, China lawyers by choosing a city from the list below. Select from the resulting list of lawyers to view profile information and contact by telephone, fax or email."Actually, has almost all the key words like "China lawyer", "Guangzhou lawyer", "Beijing lawyer", "Shanghai lawyer" of every China cities, while they do not do business there, nor their website content has anything to do with that city. I don't know why they still can appear on the first of the list of the search results.

This is only a typical example case where big lawbusters monopoly the search results with google and other major search engines. These lawbusters use SEO techniques that not available to individual lawyers and small law firms. Those lawbusters take the advantage of their size and resource and make individual lawyer and small law firms disadvantageous in the competition.


A Single China Lawyer Represent Client in Both Trial and Apeal Court

A question that arises in appellate law practice is whether a trial lawyer should also handle the appeal of a case. This is a complicated issue that deserves more than the simplistic answer it is usually given, and really depends on both the appellate experience of the attorney as well as the specific situation involved in the case.

There are some situations where it is perfectly natural for trial counsel to press on with handling the appeal, especially if the trial lawyer is experienced in handling appellate cases. In other situations, the start of the appellate process is the time for trial counsel to step aside and let a different attorney look at the case from a new perspective. This is sometimes referred to as letting another lawyer look at the case “with a fresh set of eyes.”


Evidence in China Criminal Defense Law

Preliminary Steps

Handling crime evidence should be a methodical process. An investigator first interviews the suspects, witnesses and victims as well as any law enforcement officials or first responders who arrived on the scene. Once the investigator gathers enough preliminary information, a plan is formulated to keep crime evidence safe. While collecting hazardous biological crime evidence, an investigator should always wear protective gloves, masks, eyewear or clothing. Our Wenzhou lawyer, Fuzhou lawyer, Changzhou lawyer, Hefei lawyer, Taizhou lawyer, Kunming lawyer, Kunshan lawyer are experts of criminal defense in China.

Documentation Process

The examiner will first walk along the area where the crime happened. Any points of interest with evidence will be marked. The investigator should document the entire evidence collection process. Written notes, photographs, hand-drawn sketches, videotaping and computer programs can all help illustrate a crime scene. An investigator may use two or more of these documentation methods.

Most police departments require written notes and color photographs of the crime scene. Photos show more detail of smaller evidence items. In addition, the investigator can draw a sketch to illustrate aspects of crime scene that aren’t clear from a photo. To see patterns, the examiner can also use video camera. The investigator can clearly see blood stain patterns to determine the cause of death. Alternatively, the investigator can use a specialized computer program; after entering some data, the software will create a custom sketch of the crime scene and blood splatters.


China Attorney Client Relationship

The attorney client relationship is a formally recognized legal relationship that enjoys special protection under the law. An attorney, along with a doctor, spouse and priest, are one of the few people who cannot be obligated to testify or reveal information when that information would incriminate another. An attorney also has certain special obligations to a client, and an attorney's failure to fulfill those obligations can result in penalties including monetary fines, a malpractice verdict, and/or loss of the attorney's license to practice law.

When Is An Attorney/Client Relationship Formed

An attorney client relationship is formed when a client has reason to believe that the attorney is representing their legal interests. This "reason" can be express or implied. An attorney client relationship can obviously be formed when a client pays a retainer and/or signs a contract with an attorney that the attorney will represent them.


Becoming a Criminal Defense Lawyer in China

Law School and Training

In order to get into law school, an applicant don't have to obtain a bachelor’s degree from a well-regarded college and university like U.S.. We don't have to get a high LSAT scores, a well written essay and a compelling interview also help an applicant stand out in the highly competitive world of law school admissions. What we need is to attend a national High Education Qualification Test.

A law student should look for a program that offers an excellent criminal law specialization. It is also helpful to go to law school in state where you want to eventually practice. It’s also important take many law classes with topics on criminal law, such as: Criminal Law, Jury Law, Trial Techniques, Juvenile Court and Criminal Procedures.

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